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(a) The State shall conclude its baseball program each year with Tournaments, which shall be
known as the State 5&6, Pee Wee, Minor, Major and a-Zone Tournaments. The State
Major and a-Zone will be 8 teams, the Minor and Pee Wee will be a max. of 16
tournament teams (8 teams total for Division 1 and 8 teams total for Division 2). All
Georgia State Tournaments, except 5&6 and Pee Wee will use the batting order per the
Dixie Youth rule book. 5&6 and Pee Wee protest appeal may go to the State Tournament

(b) All State Tournaments will be up for bid at the Georgia Spring Meeting.

(c) District Champion All Star Teams that do not tell the tournament director until after the
district tournament is over that they are not going to participate in the state tournament,
their league will not be eligible to bid on the State Tournament in that division the next
year. This also applies if the team agrees to participate and does not show up.

(d) All State Tournaments will be played in one weekend using the Dixie Youth Official
Double Elimination Brackets in the Dixie Youth Rule Book. Tournaments will begin on
Thursday with Championship Games played on Sunday. Double Headers for Minor,
Major & O-Zone will be played on Saturday.

(e) All State Tournaments on the Thursday and Friday will charge an extra dollar for
admission to be given to the Scholarship Fund.

(f) All State Tournaments will be officiated by two umpires.

(g) The Georgia State Champions (Pee Wee, Minor, Major & a-Zone) will be given $500.00 to
purchase a complete set of new baseball uniforms and are required to wear the uniforms
while participating in the Dixie Youth World Series. The District Director of that district,
with the approval of the Georgia State Board, must approve the uniforms. The Board also
requires the colors of red, white and blue be standard in the make-up of the uniforms.

Requirements for hosting the State Tournaments are as follows and all potential host must
guarantee these in writing:

(1) The host will substantiate they have the know-how to put on the Tournament and
have the support of their community.

(2) The host will have the option to provide a program to sell and will include, at a
minimum the following:

(a) Welcome letter from The State Director.
(b) Team Pictures

(c) List of Dixie Youth Directors (State, National, and District)
(d) The tournament Bracket.

(3) Have a field or fields that are lighted and will conform to the specifications as outlined
in the official rule guide book.

(4) Have an official score keeper and public address announcer.


(5) Have two qualified umpires (each game) who must be familiar with and knowledgeable
of Dixie Youth Baseball Rules. *Host Site will supply Umpires as needed by the State
Umpire in Chief with the exception being the Championship Games which will be
Umpired by State Dixie Youth Umpires.

(6) Umpire Fees will be:

5 & 6 thru 7 & 8 Coach Pitch $35.00 x 2 = $70.00 per game
Minor, Major, & Ozone $45.00 x 2 = $90.00 per game

(7) Furnish approved Dixie Youth Baseballs.

(8) U.S. Flag to be flown during all games.

(9) Have rest room available near by.

(10) Have seating for at least 500 spectators.
(11) Post large Tournament Bracket.

(12) Have Invocation and play the National Anthem each day of scheduled games.
(13) Have a hospitality room for Dixie Youth Officials and their immediate families.

Option is Directors having access to the Concession Stand.
(14) Have practice fields.

(15) Sunday Tournament Game teams will be required to be at fields 45 minutes early to
have a 15 minute church/speaker service. Opening Ceremonies is limited to a
maximum of one hour.

(16) Have rosin for pitchers.

(17) Provide a place and chairs for the Protest Committee.
(18) Have Rain Checks. (If Necessary)

(19) Have a field crew for field or fields.

(20) Have plastic or tarp and sand in case of rain.
(21) Give players home run ball.

(22) Have water and cups at each dugout.

(23) Provide a meeting room to be used by the offiCials and coaches for Pre-Tournament

(24) Introduce all Players, Managers and Coaches before each game.

(25) Have some one to take pictures and give to the State or Assistant State Director.
(Pictures may be used in the Dixie Youth Calander and Baseline Magazine).

(26) Make arrangements at 2 or 3 restaurants for special prices for teams to eat at.

(27) Host League will provide to each team the cost and accommodations at 2 or 3 motels,
then each team can make their own reservations.

(28) The Georgia Board strongly advises the host site to have souveniers (T-shirts) for
teams and fans to purchase.

(29) Host will provide a financial statement to the State Director within thirty days after all
Georgia State Tournaments.

(30) Host will provide water to working umpires during State Tournaments.


(31) Host will provide a meeting room to be used for a coaches meeting on Sunday before

the tournaments begin.

(32) Host will meet with the Georgia Board at the January meeting.
(33) Other items as requested by the State or Assistant Director.

(h) An inspection of the host league facilities will be made by the State Director or His
appointed Representative and one or more National Directors 30 days prior to the
starting date of the State Tournament. If facilities are not suitable at this inspection with
minor adjustments. the site ofthe Tournament may be changed. (The State Board will
determine the site).

(i) The State Director of his appointed Representative will serve as Tournament Director at
the Major. Minor & O-Zone State Tournament and David Gloyd at the 5&6 and Pee Wee
State Tournaments and will be in attendance at all games. If absent for a justifiable
reason. the State or his appointed Representative has the authority to appoint someone
to serve in the capacity of Tournament Director and the Appointee be given all powers
and privileges afforded the State Director.

m Recommend that admission be charged. if possible. as a means for paying expenses.

Suggested maximum prices are for adults $10.00.